Why Should You Cloak Your Affiliate Links?

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Why should you cloak your affiliate links? This is a good question to give you an advanced answer 😉

However, I want that you get answers for this question, easily. I don’t want to fill your head with complicated terms and complex HTML codes.

There are several reasons to cloak your affiliate links, and I want to enumerate them for you.

Top reasons of “why should you cloak your affiliate links?” are:

  • If you send your traffic through your cloaked links, you can compare numbers of clicks that you receive, with numbers of clicks reported by merchants.
  • With cloaked links, you can create nice links for each affiliate link. They will be easy to remember, and small URLs.
  • If the merchant updates your affiliate link, you only have to update one link in your site (cloaked link).
  • You will protect your affiliate ID because other affiliates can use black techniques to switch your affiliate ID in user browsers (with this, you can lose your sale commission)
  • When you cloak your links, your clickthrough rate will increase, because the people will make click on your links with confidence.
  • Ad blockers will not block your banners

You have a lot of benefits when you cloak your affiliate links. I recommend you to read the following post, to know how to cloak your affiliate links:

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