What’s a Solo Ad? Do you know how to use them?

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Great question! What’s a Solo Ad?

Another important question is, do you need an incredible source of traffic? I know, traffic is basic to make money!

Here you are your answer to what’s a Solo Ad

There is a source of traffic called Solo Ads. You will find Solo Ad Vendors in Internet Marketing niche. In other niches is hard to find Solo AD Vendors. With a Solo Ad, you pay a fixed rate to a vendor. And this Solo Ad vendor sends an email with your link to his/her subscribers. The fixed rate is for clicks, for example, 100 clicks for $50.

When you buy a solo ad, the most common is sending this traffic to a squeeze page. In this squeeze page, you will collect emails, so, you have to offer a lead magnet or bribe to your visitors. You also can send this traffic to your product. But, you need to talk with your solo ad vendor to know if he/she allows this option.

You need to buy a solo ad with good tier 1 traffic. Tier 1 traffic is coming from USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. You will find solo ads with 60% tier 1 traffic, 75% tier 1 traffic, 100% tier 1 traffic, etc. Solo Ad vendors will have different prices and different percentages of tier 1 traffic. I always like to buy solo ads with 100% tier 1 traffic to get the best results with my subscriber list. Tier 1 traffic is more expensive. But, you can have more possibilities to make money with these subscribers.

These are some tips before you buy your first solo ad:

  • Contact the solo ad seller and ask him, what are his/her terms to accept your squeeze page? If you need to provide him/her your swipe copy, etc. You need to feel comfortable with the seller. If you have doubts about his/her service, you need to ask!
  • You need to use a click tracker, please, don’t send a naked URL to your Solo Ad seller. You need to analyze your results with the data recorded by your click tracker. With your click tracker, you will record a lot of data. You will have your conversion rate. The number of clicks received. If the Solo Ad Vendor over delivers clicks, etc.
  • Start small, because you have to test your squeeze page, your opt-in rate. Please, don’t buy a huge package of 5000 clicks, if you don’t know your average numbers. You will be able to buy bigger click packages when you have a squeeze page with a good opt-in rate.

Now, you know what’s a Solo Ad, and you have nice tips to make more money with this traffic type 😉

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