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At this moment there are thousands of hackers ready to attack your site, and they are not good people 😉 You will learn for the hard way, if you have not security in your site.

In this post I want to talk about security in your WordPress site (thousands of people love WordPress, maybe, you love it, too). This platform is attacked by hackers all the time, and you need to have a good defense.

I recommend you to use Wordfence Security, this is a great plugin and the free version is very good.

Why Wordfence Security is good for you?

Well, because it has a lot of option to avoid attacks. These are some features:

  • It has a great firewall to control all threats
  • It has a lot of blocking features
  • It will scan your site constantly, and it will alert you by email, if your site has a security problem
  • It has a good login security
  • And much more. Visit the Wordfence Security Site

If you want to install it, follow these instructions.

Inside your WordPress site you have to go to Plugins >> Add New, then in the search plugin box, you have to write “Wordfence Security” and you will see this:


In my screenshot, you will see a button with the text “Installed” (because I have the plugin installed in my site), however, you will see the button “Install Now”, click on this button and the plugin will be installed automatically. Now, you have to go to Plugins >> Installed Plugins, and you will see the plugin name “Wordfence Security”, now, you have to click on the link “Activate”, below its name.

Ok great, now you have a good protection. However I recommend you to edit these options of the Wordfence Security Plugin:

On the left menu of WordPress, you will see the plugin “Wordfence”, go to options and on this page scroll down to “Login Security Options”


Use the above picture to setup your Login Security Options.

I hope you apply the information on this post to increase your security in your WP site.

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