Discover a secret technique to get 500+ uniques a day from Pinterest

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Pinterest is a great website with lots of users (100 million monthly users), and for you, this is a dreamJ. If you can make money using this big site, I think you would be very happy.

Well, Pinterest is a big site, and it’s dominated by female users (44% of women on internet love Pinterest). You also can see men in Pinterest; however, your best option is to target women with your product or vertical. You have to target your product to women below 50 years old, because this group is the bigger in Pinterest.

Now, you need to know the following, the traffic in Pinterest is found on profiles with huge quantity of followers. Then, you need to find users with lots of followers in your niche/vertical. For example, if you have a site about baking, you can check these Pinterest users:

After you find users with lots of followers, you need to contact them to offer them money or a great service to publish your post, in one of their boards.

You need build great relationships with these users, and you will be rewarded. You can offer them, one post in your blog, a backlink, a section of your blog, money, etc. You only need to be creative!

It’s not easy, but, when you have a nice relationship with these users, you will receive a lot of traffic.

For other hand, you need to contact a lot of users to increase your chance, please, build a huge list of Pinterest users, before to begin.

How to contact them?

Go to user profiles on Pinterest and you will find their contact info.

Check the following pictures:

Contact on Twitter

Contact on Twitter and Facebook

Contact on Twitter and Facebook

I hope you use this valuable information, because you can increase your traffic to amazing levels. Furthermore, if you build a long term relationship with these users, maybe, they can lease you a board 😉

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