Did you know this about Teespring?

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TeeSpring is a great site to sell t-shirts, hoodies and tank tops, and you can create an incredible business, if you use it with a strong plan.

One of things that you will love about TeeSpring, it’s that you will have the highest commission rates in the industry.

With TeeSpring you create a design, then, you follow the steps to upload your design and create your campaign.

You always have to create designs for people with one passion, so, you can be sure that you will earn money. For example, you create a design about cancer, and you buy targeted traffic in Facebook Ads. So, you will earn money with some campaigns (not all).

Ok and what’s the best thing in TeeSpring?

Well my friend. You will have buyers, and the best is that you can contact them! This is beautiful, because if you create a new design about cancer, you can contact buyers of the other designs about cancer in your account.

You will have a customer portfolio! And this is unbeatable!

You can learn more about this in the following link: http://answers.teespring.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1710978-message-buyers

This is a real gold nugget! If you can create a nice design or you can pay to a designer, you can earn a lot of money in TeeSpring.

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