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Content Lynk review

It’s time to give you a detailed Content Lynk review. But first, do you have social sharing accounts? Are you sharing links on these social sharing accounts? Do you know how to make money while you share your links on social sharing sites?

Well, if you have social sharing accounts, and you are sharing links, you will need Content Lynk. Why? Because you will make money while you share your links.

Is Content Lynk a good tool for you?

Content Lynk is a cloud-based tool to monetize your links. If you want to make money on your social media accounts, I think You would love to use Content Lynk.

The idea behind Content Lynk is simple. With this tool, you will be able to monetize all content that you share in your social media accounts. You will create special links and you will share these links to make money.

How Content Lynk Works?

The first thing that I want to explain in this Content Lynk review is the following. With this cloud-based tool, you need to find content on the Internet. After this, you will create a special link, with the content that you found. With this special link, You will make money with several methods.

Well, first of all, you need to find a good article, blog post, etc, that you want to share in your social media accounts. After this, You will use this URL into the control panel of Content Lynk to create your new special URL.

Inside your control panel, you will see the following options to create your special links:

  1. Basic
  2. Just Links
  3. Image

With each option, you will be able to create ads on the shared content (literally). Your ads will be like these:


content lynk basic option
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Just Links

In this option, you will not see an ad, but when you click on the page (a link, image, etc) you will be redirected to your affiliate offer.


content lynk image option
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With this option, you will be able to load a big banner on exit intent, on page load, etc. I think this is the best option of Content Lynk 😉

Does the Content Lynk have training videos?

Yes of course. The video tutorials are very good, and at this moment, there are available 17 videos to learn all about Content Link.



Content Lynk is a great cloud-based tool to use the content that you like, and make money by sharing it.

It cannot be easier! Search good content, create your special URLs, and share them in your social networks. Nothing more, nothing minus, make money now 🙂


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