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Audience Drill review

Audience Drill Review
With this Audience Drill review, I want to help you to know this incredible tool. The first thing that you need to understand is:

Is Audience Drill for you?

This product is designed to:

affiliate marketers, CPA marketers, T-Shirt sellers, bloggers, online and offline marketers.

Audience Drill is targeting software (cloud-based) to find your perfect audience. You will find the best customers for your business type.

How Audience Drill Works?

Audience Drill has three incredible components to increase your income

  1. The Graph Search Drill: this component is to find your target audience on Facebook. You can search in groups, pages, etc. In addition, You will find very specific audiences. If your target audience is very specific, your message will be very strong, and you will make money!
  2. The Post Drill: this component helps you to get valuable data from your competitors. You only need a keyword and a domain to search on Facebook. With this, You will know what your competitors are doing to make money. You will see their landing pages, Facebook Ads, etc.
  3. The Interest Drill: with the Interest Drill you will find real interests to use in your Facebook Ads. With this option, You will not make a shot in the dark when You create your Facebook Ad. You will increase your income because you will use the right interests in each Facebook Ad that you are running.

Does the Audience Drill have training videos?

Sure! You have to go to your Audience Drill account. Inside the control panel, you will see the option “Training Videos”. There you will see all training videos for each component of Audience Drill. See the following image:

audience drill training videos


If you are using Facebook Ads or you are thinking to use this platform to buy ads. You already know that Audience Drill is a perfect tool for you. You will save money, and time. Your work will be simplified. You also will increase your ROI. I’m sure you will have incredible results with your Facebook Ads. You will know how your competitors are running their ads. You will create very specific audiences, and you will make advanced market research.

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