Are you struggling to get web traffic?

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Web traffic is the live of your site, and if You have not web traffic, You will not make money online 🙁

There are two form to have web traffic:

1.- You can get traffic for free, but, there is a drawback, you need to invest your time to get results, and sometimes, your results there are not good.

2.- You can pay for traffic, and I prefer to test with money than with valuable time (like the first method). Why? Because you can get your money back, however, with your time, You have not this chance.

To enrich this post, I want to talk about pay traffic tips, and a nice list of traffic sources (more about this next).


1.- You need to know the traffic source platform and You need to know the type of paid advertising that traffic sources have available for you. There are a lot of types of paid advertising, pay per click, pay per view, banner display, text ads, etc. Take a time to test small campaigns, so, you will know how the platform of your traffic source works, etc, before to invest big money.

2.- Track all your traffic. If you want to have success in paid advertising you need to know how each of your ads is performing. You cannot go blind in the paid advertising wold.

3.- Increase your success with landing pages. A landing page is a perfect tool to increase your success, because you can match the message of your ad, with your message on the landing page. You also can use this landing page to collect email adresses, encourage downloads of your files, softwares, free trial products, etc.

4.- You need to use A/B testing. Test two variations of your landing pages, two variations of your ads, etc. So, You can see if one variation performs better than other. Then, You need to trash the bad variation, create a new variation, and create a new A/B testing with the new variation and the best variation of the first step.

5.- Check your results once a day. So, you can know if your paid advertising is working. BUT, don’t make the mistake to review your advertising 10 times a day, because you will waste valuable time.

6.- You need a budget to buy traffic. Please, take a small piece of your income to buy traffic. You need to establish limits when you are buying traffic.

7.- Use our big list of traffic sources, if you are ready 😀 You will find the list in the following post (Important: this post is only for our free members. You need to register in our site, Click Here To Register Now):


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